Day six in hospital

Sunday in hospital. I didn’t sleep well last night, I was woken three times by doctors and nurses as they were concerned about my blood loss. They’re still wanting to wait till tomorrow though to give me the full amount of time on the IV steroids.

I can’t believe I’ve been here since Tuesday! People keep telling me to enjoy the rest but that’s so much easier said than done. I feel dreadful and I’m on the loo 12+ times a day. I’m constantly being prodded with needles or having blood taken and my concentration is shot!

I keep trying to read or watch a film but I just can’t stop my mind from wandering. I’m just wishing for tomorrow so Ill know for definite what the plan is. It’s the waiting that’s so hard. I’ve been really tearful today, a mix of the steroid side effects and just generally feeling down I think.

I’m on my third canula of the week so they can administer the IV but unfortunately my veins are starting to suffer and it took three attempts to get one in today. I’m starting to look like a pin cushion!


As there’s just not that much to comment on at the minute, if anyone has questions then please feel free to ask away and if I can answer, I will…

Feeling a bit disgruntled today as when I moved onto this ward there were signs saying visiting hours were 2-3.30 and 6-8. We asked as on the other ward it was 2-8 and were told the same applied on this ward. Timm also checked that the kids were ok to visit and were told it was fine.

Today Timm and the kids came at 4pm and we were asked to leave. Apparently patients have complained of being unable to rest so the visiting hours are now as signposted. But no one said anything before! We went and sat by the lifts as the kids and I were upset and went past so many beds that still had visitors by them.

I understand that the staff need to ensure patients are being cared for well but surely it has to be one rule for all?

I feel like complaining about all the times I couldn’t rest rather than just sucking it up as I have been! Maybe Ill complain about the man who has what sounds like chipmunks singing Country Road take me home in a techno style as a ringtone that goes off full blast 20 times a day. Or the man who keeps setting off the alarms when he tries to sneak off for a fag! Or perhaps the nurses who pranked one another today as one is leaving and sprayed shaving foam all over her and ran up and down the corridors shrieking!!!

Urgghhh sorry!!! Rant over! It’s just hard enough being here and when I’d looked forward to seeing Timm and the kids all day and then had to leave I was devastated.

In nicer news, Timm and the kids made me a photo album/scrap book with loads of family photos and nice messages in it. That’s cheered me up no end and no they’ve gone I’ve just had another look through and another little cry. Here’s a few snaps from it…


Looking forward to a visit from my awesome best mate Caroline tonight, she has been a star in helping out with the kids, visiting me and just generally being a fab support.

Tomorrow should be news day – finding out the plan to move forward. If I can’t post Ill get Timm to keep you informed!

Big love

Sam xxx

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