Be more Beyonce

I came across this quote from Kathleen Hanna that was just too good not to share.

Perhaps we all need to care less about what others think, especially others who are just randoms off of the internet?  Perhaps we all need to be more Beyonce…

beyonce sasha fierce

“Beyoncé isn’t Beyoncé because she reads comments on the Internet. Beyoncé is in Ibiza, wearing a stomach necklace, walking hand in hand with her hot boyfriend. She’s going on the yacht & having a mimosa. She’s not reading shitty comments about herself on the Internet, & we shouldn’t either. I just think, Would Beyoncé be reading this? No, she would just delete it or somebody would delete it for her. What I really need to do is close the computer & then talk back to that voice & say, Fuck you. I don’t give a shit what you think. I’m Beyoncé. I’m going to Ibiza with Jay-Z now, fuck off. Being criticized is part of the job, but seeking it out isn’t. That’s our piece to let go.”

beyonce single ladies



Love Sam xx

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