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Time away in Spain

Last week I had some time away in Spain, the stress of dealing with my stoma, the hernia and the upcoming surgery was just getting too much.  I am a positive person but it was all getting me down, I was really weepy and just felt so down and sad.  After hearing that my surgery was being postponed yet again I just had a bit of a breakdown, I felt so out of control and things just seemed too hard.

So my lovely husband suggested I have some time away, I looked at flights and then spoke to my wonderful Aunty and Uncle who live in Spain who very ,very kindly said I could spend a week with them.

I put aside the guilt that all mums feel as I was leaving my kids for a week, but I knew they were home safe and happy with their dad and so I packed a bag and headed off for a week in the sun.

traveling with a stoma



My cousins were over with some of their friends visiting their mum and dad and so I had a lovely family break and really felt looked after.  It was so nice to not have to look after other people for a week and to just have time looking after myself.  I had such a fantastic, relaxing time.

I had a few times where I was really uncomfortable with my hernia but the joy of being away with no kids was that I could go and lie down and rest with no guilt at all!  I also had a few stomach pains and a little dehydration but nothing that rest, plenty of fluids, a few painkillers and diarolyte couldn’t help.

I have come home with a new sense of positivity, feeling so much better and ready to face the next few tough months.  My stress levels have dropped and I just feel stronger mentally and though Im still frightened about the surgery and recovery, a week away from real life has made everything seem a little easier.

Here are a few photos from my week away.

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So this explains my absence for the last week, thanks so much for all your kind messages and emails.


Love Sam xxx


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