Happy Anniversary Timm

A post for my husband Timm

Today is our ten year wedding anniversary, I can’t believe it is ten years since we said our wedding vows in front of Elvis in Las Vegas!

I loved you then, but in the years that have passed we have become closer than ever.  We have had ups and downs, but the last year has been the toughest of of lives, through illness, exhaustion, tears, surgery and recovery you have been my rock.  You have made everything better, you held me up when I was so broken I didn’t have the strength to carry on alone.  You made me laugh when everything seemed hopeless, you told me I was beautiful when I had never felt more disgusting and you loved me no matter what.

las vegas wedding


We have been through so much in the last ten years, in some ways it has gone so fast but in others that day seems a million years ago.  I know it sounds cheesy but I honestly love you more each day, I feel that we are closer than ever and that life with you just gets better.

Its a week till I go into my next surgery and Im terrified, its the start of a very tough few months for us, but knowing that you are by my side makes it bearable.  I know you are scared too and in many ways the recovery is going to be tougher on you than anyone else, you will have to pick up all the jobs that I usually do, take on full time care of the kids, the pets, the house and the business as well as being my carer.

I hate that you have to be my carer, but you make everything easier with your sense of humour and laid back manner.  I know you hate to see me ill and in pain but you cover it with love and laughter, taking the piss out of me and having the patience to deal with it all.

las vegas wedding



You are my best friend, the funniest, most caring, most hard working person I know.  I love you so bloody much and can’t wait to renew our wedding vows in September.  Timm, you are fucking awesome.

sam and timm cleasby

Happy Anniversary bubs


Sam xxxx



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