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A tin can or an ostomy bag – which would you choose?

Remember a few months ago I told you about a crowdfunding campaign for Stoma Aid run by the Colostomy Association to give someone a #BagforLife ?

Millions of people worldwide have a stoma, however, thousands of people with a stoma across the world are forced to use tin cans, carrier bags and bits of cloth because they are unable to afford the cost of a stoma bag. In Papua New Guinea there are only two stoma care nurses in the entire country: in the Philippines a single bag costs a week’s wages.

What is Stoma Aid?

Each month, tens of thousands of stoma bags are thrown away in the UK as they are no longer needed. We will collect these unused bags and distribute them to people in need in developing countries across the world.

Money raised with your help will help fund:
  • A dedicated staff-member to oversee and manage the Stoma Aid project as well as volunteers.
  • A warehouse where stoma bags can be collected and stored.
  • Education about stoma care in developing countries across the world.
The project is supported by the Colostomy Association – a national charity that supports people with a stoma throughout the UK.
Can you spare a few pounds today?  Your cash can help change this.  In the UK we are so lucky that we have the NHS to support and fund our bags, we don’t have to worry about it.  I can’t imagine having to choose between an ostomy bag and feeding my children, can you?
Even if you can’t give any money you can still help make Stoma Aid a reality.
  • Share our campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media.
  • Tell your friends, families and colleagues about Stoma Aid.

Stoma Aid will change the lives of thousands of people across the world. Change someone’s life and give them a #BagOfLife.




Sam xx



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