Bad days. And good!

I’m not having a great day today, I’ve had a stinking cold for a couple of weeks and I think my immune system has taken a battering and so I have been up a lot in the nights going to the loo. 

I woke this morning and my joints are absolutely agony.  My body is feeling broken and very, very old. I have been ignoring and trooping through for a while but today it is time to listen to my body and stop.  Today is about laying on the sofa and watching terrible day time TV.  My body is speaking and I am listening. 

I am pretty stressed at the minute and I don’t think that has helped.  Our car broke a month ago and we’ve been trying to get it sorted, it turns out it’s not worth spending the money on and so we have to buy a new one.  It’s money we could really do without spending/losing now.  Our rental house is going on the market at the start of next year and so we are house hunting.  Our work load has been HUGE over the summer and we are playing catch up.  And family stress of close relatives taking umbrage with something I have done (I have no idea what!) means I’m being deleted and blocked on Facebook and talked about behind my back. Part of me wishes they would just speak to me and tell me what’s wrong. The other part thinks I just don’t need the stress. 

I thought I would share this on here as it is how I have always dealt with my illness for the past two years. But then I thought about how I have been a little quiet of late on here about my health. And the reason for that is because it has all been loads better!  With a balance of meds, probiotics, diet and exercise things have been great and I haven’t had much to report. 

It made me think about how sometimes ostomies and jpouches have a bad reputation because we only talk about them when experiencing problems.  It made me want to try harder to write about all the positive things that have happened to my body since getting surgery, about how much better life is. 

And so I will try to remember to write about the good days as much as the bad days. 

Just not today as my hands and wrists have had enough. 
Sam x 

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  1. Donald
    Donald says:

    Life the way we know it is a bitch mornings are for me somewhat better for energy by early afternoon those are fading away fast my ears are ringing very loud time to eat again having to push down the food that does not want to go in the fight is on to keep those urges to go to the toilet are on yes once again I have spent some of the energy that wasn’t mine to use now is pay back time one week of sitting doing nothing but listening to relaxing music well guess what I’ve listen to about all I can listened to relaxing music . My mind wants to party but my body want to die . Well I guess it made feel better to at least say this . Now I’ll be good and do what I’m supposed to do that’s been a good boy. Well what I want to say So Bad Ass I hear you !

  2. Rinse
    Rinse says:

    Pay no mind to your extended family, you have created a wonderful immediate family, just concentrate on them. Families are always a pain, treading on egg shells not to offend them whilst they say whatever they please in return?. (Also fb is a nightmare and I wish it had never been invented)


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