Wonder Woman Wednesdays

Wonder Woman Wednesday is my new weekly round up of the amazing women, consider it your own weekly Galentines Day!

galentines day

I very much believe that women should be boosting one another up, celebrating our accomplishments and being cheerleaders for one another!  At times women are pitted against one another, especially strong and vocal women, let’s not compete, let us champion.  As the great Leslie Knope says “Ovaries before Brovaries”.

And for the record, Amy Poehler is ALWAYS my number one Wonder Woman!

First up…

Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer had her first baby this week, a little boy called Anthony named after her dear friend who recently passed away.  I LOVE Amanda Palmer and all her work, I am ever inspired to release my creativity, to live the life I want and to celebrate my differences and weirdness because of this woman.

sheffield wonder woman wednesdays sam cleasby so bad ass

Photo Via Instagram https://instagram.com/p/75iwxzQWx7/?taken-by=amandapalmer


Chloe Madeley

In the 90’s I used to wish Richard and Judy were my parents.  I possibly still do.  That’s a bit weird isn’t it…  Anyway Chloe Madeley is the daughter of the King and Queen of 90’s daytime TV, making her the Princess of all that is good and holy.  If that isn’t enough reason for her to be in Wonder Woman Wednesdays, she is pretty fucking awesome in her own right.

A personal trainer, nutritionist and fitness guru, this girl is all about the positivity.  Her instagram feed is full of life affirming loveliness (there are also lots of half naked selfies of her looking sweaty and gorgeous).  You sometimes find fitness pros are somewhat negative towards us mere mortals who eat cake and can’t crack nuts in our buttcheeks, but Chloe just seems very down to earth and real, she shows the love to all women and I kind of want to go for a pint with her.  I’d even promise not to just talk about her mum and dad!

sheffield wonder woman wednesdays sam cleasby so bad ass

Photo Via Instagram https://instagram.com/p/5xm4MPn594/?taken-by=madeleychloe

Violet Fenn

My friend Vi is pretty awesome, a blogger and writer at Sex, Death, Rock n Roll, she is honest, frank and filthy… Proving to women everywhere that ageing is something wonderful and not to be afraid of, she writes about sex, relationships and society from the perspective of a kick arse woman in her 40s.

She is my friend, shoulder to cry on and naughty compadre and I loves her a lot.  Go follow her now

violet fenn writer and blogger sheffield wonder woman wednesdays sam cleasby so bad ass

Fi Hennessey

Fi is a Sheffield based Birthing teacher at The Daisy Foundation Bumps and Births.  She has helped so many mums to have more relaxed, peaceful and enjoyable labours and births, that is reason enough to celebrate her today but it is not the only reason.

Fi is currently going through the process of egg donation at the ACU at Jessops Hospital in Sheffield, this is something I was looking into before I got really ill and had all my surgeries and so it is close to my heart.  I know that my body isn’t strong enough to go through this tough process now and the age limit means I probably won’t ever be able to do this but Fi is.  She has her own family and runs a business but she is putting her body through the immense strain to donate her eggs to make a difference and change someone’s life.  And that should be applauded!

She also posed naked to show her post natal body to open the conversation around the pressure mums feel after birth.  All. Round. Awesome.

fi hennessey sheffield wonder woman wednesdays sam cleasby so bad ass

That’s my first Wonder Woman Wednesdays done… See you same time next week for more Uteruses before Duderuses…

Sam x

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