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Worst Selfies Ever

No, I’m not talking about that terrible shot of you from an awful angle on your work night out, or that one where you think you look amazing and then when you look back you have a bogey…

After 12 years of IBD, more colonoscopies than I can count, several shitting accidents in public and going on national TV to discuss poo, I thought I had faced all my most embarrassing moments.  I have shared the majority of these cringe inducing events with you lot, earning me the moniker The Poo Lady!

Yet today, I have sunk to an all time low.

I am working away in Wales and struggling with this prolapse, only it has got worse and now I think I have a pouch prolapse too.  My consultant asked me to send a photo.  No, he doesn’t want one of my lovely press shots, or that hilarious photos of me dressed as the Crack Fox when I went to see the Mighty Boosh.  Nope, he wanted a photo of my damaged arse and vag.

This morning was the worst photo shoot of my life… There was no way I could ask my photographer husband to get involved in this, he’d get all arty and be thinking about composition and lighting and so I have taken selfies of my butt.  I’m sure I have warned my kids about this!!!

Worry not, I’m not planning to share them here! These are for Mr Brown’s eyes only! (Poor man!)

I know it sounds odd, but he is fab and this way he can get an idea of what’s going on without delaying treatment, it takes a while to get an appointment with him and so it is a good way for him to ‘see me’ without ‘seeing me’.

Just when I think my days can’t get any weirder, this happens…


Love Sam x

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  1. Rinse
    Rinse says:

    Christ Alive Sam!! Lets hope they are not floating around in the icloud to be downloaded by anyone! I’m always really paranoid about things like that. Funny though! I love the idea of yr husband trying to get arty about it! X

  2. Donald
    Donald says:

    Dear Sam the things we have to go throw because of our stupid illnesses . I have developed an navel hernia due to all the bloating and gas inside . I feel very funny when I go outside in the summer .lm the target of many eyes specially the younger one what is this and the poke at it its very sensitive over there . I feel for you good luck .I think you are an very strong women better times are coming soon you sure have paid you dues.
    Your admirer

  3. Nit
    Nit says:

    And all this after those daft NDA people wrongly said you were photographed with your j-pouch on display!!

    As if this disease wasn’t already undignified enough. But if it gets treatment quicker then hopefully it will be worth it.

    Best wishes.


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