stoma problems

Stoma skin problems – WARNING Graphic images 

I have had some issues with my Stoma post surgery. The stitches came away from the skin leaving me with a large hole into my stomach.

It was bloody awful to look at, it was really nasty and made me queasy. I documented the healing process though as in the beginning I couldn’t imagine it getting any better.

Be warned that the images in this post are really quite graphic.  If you don’t like images of open wounds and stomas, I really wouldn’t bother with the rest of this post!

The reason for this post is not to shock but to teach and comfort anyone who has had this happen to them, when it first happened to me, I panicked and was really upset and terrified.  I could see into my body!! I spoke to my stoma nurse (and I 100% recommend that you speak to a medical professional if you are having any issues!!!) and she told me that it wasn’t that rare, that I needn’t be too concerned and that with treatment, it would soon be sorted.

I used a paste to fill in the hole, it was the Convatec Stomahesive paste that does really sting for the first few seconds when you apply it, but it does the job.  It fills the hole so poo can’t get in and then heals it from the inside out.

Apart from the obvious need to heal the hole, what is important is that when you have a would like this, it stops your bags from sticking properly and when you don’t have a well fitting bag, you get extremely sore, wet skin which in turn, further stops your bag from fitting… It is a vicious circle that is miserable as if you don’t have a well fitting bag, you get leaks and leaks stop you from living a normal life.

I feel I have given enough warnings now, the photographs below could be upsetting if you don’t like seeing inside a body!! So scroll down if you want to see the healing process and I really hope it helps.








































stoma problems my stoma has come away from the skin

Day 1 – 15th January –  the stoma has come away from the skin.  You can see the stitches still surrounding my skin.
stoma problems my stoma has come away from the skin

Day 3 – 17th January – you can see it has got worse here, this is before any treatment.  You can see right inside here!



stoma problems my stoma has come away from the skin

Day 5 – 19th January – I had been using the Convatec Powder but it wasn’t really helping.



stoma problems my stoma has come away from the skin

Day 7 – 20th January – it was really bad here, though the wound is starting to heal from the inside, you can see how my bags haven’t been sealing properly and therefore the skin around my stoma is blistering and burning.  This is from my very acidic poo getting on my skin and burning away at it.



stoma problems my stoma has come away from the skin

Day 8 – 21st January – still really bad! Those open burns and blisters are extremely painful.  I saw my stoma nurse on this day and she wasn’t happy with the powder treatment and started me on the paste.
stoma problems my stoma has come away from the skin

Day 11 – 24th January- after just three days using the paste, you can see the VAST improvement.  The wound is healing and you can see that my skin is healing too.  The paste goes around the stoma and fills in the hole, it means no poo can get on my skin.  You can also see that the last of my stitches have dissolved or come out.



stoma problems my stoma has come away from the skin

Day 14 – 27th January – my skin is almost completely healed after 6 days using the paste and you can see that the wound is almost completely closed.



stoma problems my stoma has come away from the skin

Day 21 – 3rd Feb – after another week using the paste, my skin is healed and the wound is well on it’s way to being filled and healed!



stoma problems my stoma has come away from the skin
Day 23 – 5th Feb – another two days and it is pretty much there!



stoma problems my stoma has come away from the skin

Day 29 – 11th Feb – the wound is completely healed though my skin is still slightly discoloured.  You can see how well healed the rest of my skin is as my bag is fitting perfectly and so I am having no seepage or leaks.



So there we go, that was my process from wound opening to healing.  As I said, I have shared these photos and this post to help anyone going through skin problems and so I hope this has been of use.  It can be extremely scary when things go wrong and I think it is good to see other people’s experiences so you can see there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Don’t forget that your stoma nurse is the best port of call for any stoma issues, they have seen it all before and will have treatments and solutions.  My first treatment didn’t work for me but the second was brilliant, my stoma nurse told me there were more things to try if it didn’t work though.

I hope my openness helps everyone with a stoma to not worry, not be embarrassed and to speak out and get help if you have any issues.  And for all you who just wanted a gawk, I hope you enjoyed it!!!


Sam xx

8 replies
  1. Dave Pawson
    Dave Pawson says:

    Sam, I ‘complained’ to my surgeon about the ‘too big’ size of my stoma. Over an inch sticking out (at largest). Certainly much bigger than yours. He was adamant that it was ‘about right’.
    (Assuming he was right) – my logic goes that a small one (yours) can hide inside the bag and get crap more easily onto the skin?
    Does that make sense?
    Are there any guidelines?
    Just curious..

    Glad your ‘wound’ is healing nicely. Keep on the mend!

    • sam
      sam says:

      My stoma nurse says she would like to see inch long stomas as standard as they are far better behaved and you have less leaks. She said mine is very flat, I am hoping that as the swelling goes down, it will stick out a bit more!

  2. Paula
    Paula says:

    I use Cavillon barrier wipes to protect my skin from the poo. Mine was very bad and nothing would stick since all it did was bleed and weep. It looks so much better now and feels better. I am glad you are getting better.

  3. Caitlin
    Caitlin says:

    Wow Sam, I’ve only had my Ileostomy for nine months I don’t think I’ll complain about the sensitive skin issues around my stoma ever again! It looks so painful. My stoma (named Twango-like Rango, but Twango because he stinks) hurt just looking at it 😉 I’m glad its getting better! 🙂
    PS-You’re awesome! xo

  4. Jasmine Stacey
    Jasmine Stacey says:

    This post is great and honesty shows the struggles with peristomal skin! It’s a nightmare. I also used that paste and found it help heal everything! I still use it now even on little cuts and things. Seems to work wonders. Hope having your bag back again is all going okay xx

  5. Bec
    Bec says:

    You’re totally right (and awesome) for posting this and I hope anyone struggling with their recovery sees this and it helps them feel better. As always, you are doing such a great job of educating your readers and providing people with IBD and stomas valuable support. Glad to see you are on the mend and continuing to be so bad ass!

  6. jhendrix
    jhendrix says:

    I am so happy to have seen your horrible photos. It has helped to give me hope. My stoma looks like your Day 3, January 17 except that there are two spots like that. I’ve been using powder but will definitely try the paste. I honestly was thinking there was something very very wrong with this stoma. It feels good to have hope rather than fear. Thanks to all the people out there who share!

  7. Annie Heta
    Annie Heta says:

    Hi out there, my partner has been given an option either to have this operation or wait and see as one of his polyps was 4.5 cancerous. He is to have MRI and a Pet CT Scan and from there we will be deciding which way he will go as it is his decision. I would like to hear from people who chose not to have the operation also please and also those that did go ahead with the operation. Mainly I would like to know how couples coped throughout this chapter in their lives. Have a blessed day.


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