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Week 2 – Operation No Operations

So it is week 2 of Operation No Operations…

This week has been harder due to a combination of things, eating out a couple of times which I find really difficult to make healthy choices, wine and struggling to exercise.

The whole point of my weight loss attempt is to improve my chances of holding off hernia surgery.  Since my last operation to create my permanent ostomy I have developed 2 hernias but I just can’t deal with the thought of more operations right now and so I thought losing a bit of chunk and getting fitter would help.

So this week I lost a grand total of 0 pounds.  Honestly, I am a little gutted, but I know why this is.  I have eaten out at an Italian and been to a wedding this week.  When I am in the house, I am finding it easy to eat well and healthily, but out and about I really struggle!

I think the main issue this week is that I only managed my 10,000 steps on three out of the seven days.  I have struggled because my hernias are achy and sore, I am wearing support underwear and an ostomy hernia belt but it has been difficult.  I have also felt very tired this week, I am not sleeping very well, I wake 3-6 times a night to empty my bag and so I wake in the morning feeling exhausted.  This makes it hard to have the will power to get out walking.

I did manage this twice, but I want to be walking every day… I filmed one of my walks early in the week…


So this week, my aims are to walk every day and get to 10,000 steps.  It is my birthday this week, so I have the feeling I may go over calories a couple of times.

I am not stressing too much about it, I know I am making positive and healthy changes to my diet and exercise, if I lose weight then that is a bonus, but mainly I want to be fitter and have a stronger core to help with these flipping hernias.


Total weight loss = 5lbs


Sam x

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  1. Dave Pawson
    Dave Pawson says:

    Sounds like you’re doing all the right things. … except be patient?
    My hernia ‘dragged’ until I got the support belt. Sure you’ve got enough
    support Sam?
    Good luck – hope it comes down (gradually) and stays down.
    How come you’re panting (diary?) since you’re not walking all
    that fast?


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