Doorstep Portraits – life in the UK during Corona lockdown

I am lucky to know some of the most brilliantly creative people and one of those people is Ellie Grace Photography. At the beginning of the Corona lockdown, she started a project called Doorstep Portraits. I got in touch and asked to be considered for this. And she agreed.

family on doorstep during corona lockdown

Ellie didn’t break any of the rules that were in place to run this project. The photographs were taken during her daily exercise with her lovely dog. She didn’t come close to the house, didn’t even knock on the door. She texted us when she was nearby and we came out to our doorstep.

I love looking though all the images she took, it feels like a secret peek into the lives of people all over Sheffield. You can look through all the photographs here. Also do consider Ellie as a photographer for your wedding, event or family photo shoot.

It was lovely to get a photograph of us all together during such a weird time. Often we take family photo shoots when we have little ones, but a few years ago, we had a shoot with photographer Corinne’s Nest and we absolutely loved it. I am so glad I now have these to look back on. You can see them here.

Photographs mean a lot to me, I love looking through old pictures. I am married to a photographer which helps! If you want to look at Timm’s work as a commercial photographer, you can visit Timm Cleasby Photography.

Peace and love

Sam xx

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