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Bad times

I’m so devastated to post this. Our darling little chihuahua, Elvis was hit by a car on Saturday tea time and was killed instantly.

I’m distraught, our poor boy is gone.

On Saturday I was recovering at home, Timm was working away for the weekend and taken the older two kids with him. Our youngest was with me and my friend Caroline came to look after us for the weekend with her youngest son. Our neighbour Tracy came to the door and spoke to Caroline who then came in and told me.

Where we live is very rural and our dogs have always just run in and out of the house as they please. The boys were playing in the garden and I let the dogs out for a wander. They would usually play in the garden or watch the kids.

Minutes later, Elvis ran up the lane. Another thing he used to do. He loved seeing our neighbour who lives at the top of the lane and would walk up to shout at the horses or play chasing the pigeons.

It’s difficult to explain as this may sound that they were running wild. Which to a point they were I suppose! But they always came straight back and I loved that they could explore!


So it seems our boy ran straight into the road into the path of a van. The lady driving the van was taking two disabled people to the supermarket. Both she and her passengers were distraught. It was an accident, she wasn’t at fault and I’m just glad that none of them came to any harm. She went to the nearest house for help and luckily that was our wonderful neighbour Tracy.

Tracy has been the most kind and considerate neighbour ever since we moved here. She is just a joy to have round. When she walks her dogs past our house twice a day she always gives the dogs a treat and if the doors aren’t open so the dogs are in and out, she posts the treats through the letterbox!! I’m so sad she had to deal with this but so grateful it was her.

I went to see him, he is in Tracy’s garage on a blanket. He hasn’t a scratch on him. He looks like he is just sleeping. I’m devastated. Tracy told me she loved him like he was one of hers which made my heart swell. My poor pup is no longer here.


When I came home from hospital on Tuesday, Elvis ran straight to me in bed, he scrunched up his nose like he was smiling which is what he’d do when he wanted to get up and then leapt in bed, snuggling into my neck. He’s spent the week right by my side, it’s like he knew I was ill and needed him near me.

He was naughty when he first came to us, he still was sometimes! But he had the BEST character, a proper cheeky little boy who made us laugh all the time. He had the softest ears and was turning into a portly young man (Timm called him the barrel)


He was just an awesome dog. I’m so so sad. If you’ve never had a pet it’s hard to explain that he was a part of my family. We’ve had him for two years and he was a Cleasby!!! He will be greatly missed and never forgotten.

We told the kids and they’re devastated. We’ve talked about what an awesome dog he was and how much we loved him.

Thom wrote a poem…

I loved Elvis when he sat down next to me

I loved Elvis when we used to play

I loved Elvis when we walked down the woods

We all loved Elvis as much as we could.









Sleep tight gorgeous pup xxxx