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Lola’s last walk

Thank you so much for all the kind messages after I shared that we may be losing our darling dog Lola. On Tuesday, we took her to the vets and made the heartbreaking decision to have her put to sleep.

Lola was our dog for 12 years since being a tiny pup. She gave us the most amazing life, filled with joy and love. And in her final days, we made sure we repaid her kindness. We tried to give her the gentlest time and all our love and respect.

Saying goodbye

Our son left for Uni this year and we knew we needed to give him a chance to say goodbye to her. So we drove her up to his Uni house and we all had a bit of time together.

We bought her a McDonalds on the way home!

dog eating burger

We made sure the kids had time to say goodbye to our gorgeous girl.

girl and dog
boy and dog

Lola’s last walk

On Tuesday morning Timm and I took Lola for her last walk. It was a beautiful sunny, winter day. She slowly trotted around the park with us and we took in the last precious time with her. We then took her to the vets who confirmed that her blood tests were very bad and she didn’t think she would have long. She talked to us about options and her fears of Lola going downhill very quickly. She was bleeding in her tummy. We agreed with the heaviest of hearts that putting her to sleep was the kindest option. It was devastating but it was incredibly peaceful and she passed away laid in our laps, looking in our eyes and being told how much we love her.

dog walking in the sun

Then we had to make the decision of what to do with her. I am thankful a friend had recommended a Pet Crematorium who had looked after her pet when they died. She said ‘his name is Chris, just give him a call and have a chat’. We did and he was so caring and kind that we decided to take Lola to him at Old Flatts Farm.

Old Flatts Farm Pet Cremation

We pulled up to a beautiful farmhouse that Lola would have adored, and took her into the chapel of rest where she was placed in a basket. The room was lit with candles and was peaceful, we were given as much time as we needed with her. It was a lovely room and it was so nice to have the space and time to say goodbye away from the vets.

Then we went into Chris’ office where he encouraged us to talk about Lola and our relationship. How we got her, our favourite memories, the times we had together. He told us about how he started the business after his own dog died and he just wanted to make somewhere that gave pets the service, respect and goodbyes that they deserved.

We weren’t rushed, there was no hard sell, there was no pressure. It almost felt like speaking to a therapist! We both cried and were upset but Chris was warm, caring and professional and we left an awful event with some peace and the knowledge we had done the best for her.

I received Lola’s ashes back in a beautiful cardboard tube wrapped in dried flowers. We also got a condolences card with some forget-me-not seeds and chose to have Lola’s paw print in clay framed.

dog cremation South Yorkshire
dog memorial

What next?

I can’t recommend Old Flatts Farm Pet Crematorium enough. This isn’t about me trying to advertise them (and it was of course fully paid for by me, this isn’t some some of blog gifting) but I am just so grateful that we were told about this service and I want to pass that on. I had no idea what the process was after death with pets. We have had a cat and a chihuahua die before. But due to their size, and where we lived, we buried them ourselves. But Lola was a larger dog and we are moving house next week. So the idea of burying her seemed difficult due to size and also we didn’t want to bury her in a house we were leaving!

It was such a beautiful way to deal with her after her death. Chris has so much compassion and care and is very easy to talk to. He made an awful situation just a little easier. And I do have to say that his service (including the paw in the frame) was cheaper than the vet service.


The house is now very quiet. We have another dog, Lemmy, and he seems confused and unsettled. We all keep crying over small things, noticing her dog bowl being moved, finding an old toy, seeing her lead. But we are talking about her and we will never forget her.

Some people say “it’s only a dog”. They are wrong. Lola was our family, she made us laugh, was there when we were celebrating, she was there when we cried. I told Lola things that Ive never told anyone else. I have cried into her fur after surgeries when it all seemed to much, I have whispered my pain to her, told her my secrets. She has forced me to get out of the house when I was depressed to walk her. And I know she has had a similar relationship with Timm and all three bambinos.

Lola was the best dog in the world. And we will never forget her.

Sam xx

Our Lola – when it’s time to say goodbye to your best furry friend

Grief is devastating. And if you have had a pet, you will understand that they are your family. I am going to attempt to write this tonight whilst I have the strength. Our lovely 12 year old pup Lola is heading towards the end of her life. Tomorrow we take her to the vets in the understanding that she might not be coming home with us. My heart is broken.

portrait of a dog crown and paw
Queen Lola – by Crown and Paw

Finding Lola

In 2007, we decided to get a dog. Timm and I both had dogs as kids and we knew we wanted our kids to know the joy of having a canine BFF. I went to the Rotherham Dog Rescue website and saw there was a litter of puppies that were in foster care. The mother was a family pet who got out and come home pregnant. We went through the home checks with the rescue centre and then I went to visit the pups.

There were 5 or 6 puppies tumbling out the kitchen, jumping up at the little gate, trying to get my attention. But one was shyly hanging back, looking interested but not pushing forward. I went and picked her up, she snuggled into my arms and promptly fell asleep. And I knew she was the one.

Our kids were 2, 4 and 6 at the time and they instantly fell in love with her. We got her around this time of the year, she was barely past 6 weeks but as she was no longer with her mother, they let us bring her home with us. They say a dog is for life, not just for Christmas. We are lucky to have had her for 11 Christmases.

Three young kids with a puppy

Our best doggy friend

Over the past 12 years, she has been our best friend, our constant side kick, my bed buddy when I was poorly and recovering from surgery. She was part of our wedding, has been a shoulder to cry on to all of us at one point or another. Lola put up with having bobbles on her ears and tutus on her back when the kids were little. She is the best dog any of us could ever hope for.

A few weeks ago she started acting oddly. She was weeing on beds and sofas, something she has never done before. She seemed a little confused and not quite herself. But we put it down to her age, as a 12 year old, she was allowed a few senior moments! Then last week she began to vomit. Not much, but it seemed odd. We thought she may have eaten something dodgy as she has a tendency to eat anything and everything!

Teenagers with a family dog

At the end of last week, her poo changed colour to black and she vomited a few more times, so we took her to the vets for some blood tests. They gave her anti sickness meds, though they didn’t help.

The worst news

Today they called with the worst news. They think she has cancer in her stomach. She is anaemic and losing blood in her vomit and poo. Her kidneys are failing and she has pancreatitis. We are devastated.

The vet believes that with her age and the blood tests, that the kindest thing may be to let her go. She can offer us more tests at this point but she asked us to seriously consider putting her to sleep.

I am heart broken. There is no good time to lose a pet, but with my health and recent bad news about needing more surgery, it just feels like a massive kick in the teeth. I just want a little brightness and the thought of losing my gorgeous Lola is too much.

Dog in a convertible car

Giving her the best day

Today we tried to give her a great day, lots of hugs and love. We took her up to Leeds where our son is at Uni so he could say his goodbyes. We took her to McDonalds and got her a burger! She spent the evening in our bed with us and the kids getting kissed and hugged.

We talked about all the good times we have had together. Our favourite Lola moments. From the time she went and dived into a huge black puddle of mud when we weren’t looking and then ran over to us through our picnic. We were screaming “Whose dog is this???” then I realised it was Lola!

Dog balancing a sausage on her nose

She has camped with us all over the UK, from Dorset through to Scotland. Lola loves swimming and is always the first to run into the sea. She went through a phase of diving into rivers and coming up with rocks, putting them in a pile and going back for more. At our wedding, she wore a bow tie and was our Best Dog. She once chased a ferret for about a mile and when she eventually caught it, she touched it with her nose and jumped a mile and ran back to us crying.

Her tricks include the usual paw, roll over etc, but we put a piece of meat on her nose and tell her to leave it and she won’t touch it till we say so, even if other people tell her. She is the best jumper, the fastest runner, the softest cuddler and the most gentle dog.

dog in a bow tie at a wedding

Our responsibility

We talked with the kids about how for the past 12 years, we have had responsibility to make sure she had the best life, now we have the responsibility to ensure she has a pain free and gentle death.

I can’t even believe I am typing these words. It is truly heartbreaking. She has grown up with our bambinos and has been such a huge part of all of our lives.

Tomorrow, we will take her to the vets and plan for her to have the gentlest passing we can. She has given us so much over the past 12 years and we have been the luckiest family in the world to have so long with the best dog ever. Hug your pet a little closer tonight for me.

My heart is broken.

Peace and love

Sam xx