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3D meditation?

At a time when everyone I know seems to be in such high stress mode, I was interested to read about 3D meditation from Bellabeat.  I have used a few apps over the years to help with health, sleep and wellbeing, Im a big fan of the Sleep Well app that uses guided meditation to help send you off to the land of nod.

So what the hell is 3D meditation? Bellabeat has come up with some products and an app that are designed to immerse you in the moment of meditation through the experience of hearing, feeling and breathing and is designed by women for women.

They do this through an app but also with the add ons of a wellbeing clip-on health tracker device called a leaf (think of a fit bit but for your soul), headphones and mala beads that add a tactile addition to count your mantras on.

Even though I know that using guided meditation and taking that time for myself is really beneficial, I still find it hard to actually force myself into doing it.  There always seems to be another more important thing to do, but I know I need to try and prioritise some time for self care and a bit of me time and so I’ll be trying the Bellabeat package in the coming weeks to see if it helps.

You can find the Bellabeat app on your App Store it’s basically a lifestyle app that has both the physical stuff like step counting and activity levels, sleep times but also your menstrual cycle handy if you are trying to get pregnant but also good to keep track of when the red mist is about to descend.  You can count calories and water intake too.

Obviously the app is developed to go alongside the clip on health tracker and other products but you can use it without those things too. The meditation side of the app has lots of different meditations based on mind, body and soul, they are quite specific from one about menstrual pain to ones to help you sleep as well as more general calmness and wellbeing ones.

bellabeat wellness health tracker

The Leaf health tracker looks cool, it could easily be a piece of jewellery rather than a traditional tracker and are available to purchase instore and online from John Lewis and Selfridges, as well as amazon.co.uk, OutdoorGB and ASOS. Whisper and Mala Beads are available from the Bellabeat webstore.

bellabeat health tracker leafbellabeat leaf


I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything since the surgery and losing my nan and I am trying to take steps to improve my health, my happiness and my wellbeing.  I am making better food choices (mainly veggie, cutting out as much processed food as possible), I am seeing a physiotherapist and working on my physical health and I am trying to make time for quiet, for calm and for meditation so we will see how it goes with these products soon.

How do you help yourself? Do you have any self care tips to share? When life is just so bloody stressful and busy, how do you find time and energy to give yourself what you need? I would love to hear from you.

I will let you all know how I get on

Love Sam xx



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