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Swimming with a stoma

I did a little film last year with Clinimed about swimming with a stoma. It is one of the most common questions I get asked, “Can I still swim with a stoma?” (that and questions about sex…)

The answer is that you can swim with a stoma unless your doctor or medical professional has told you can’t. But there is no reason that you can’t swim once you have to wear an ileostomy or colostomy bag. They are waterproof, they are sticky and won’t just fall off in the water, you can have it on show or cover it up with a swimsuit or swim vest and no-one will know unless you tell them.

I have always loved the water and since having my stoma, I have swum in pools, seas, rivers, lakes and anywhere else I can find to have a dip. I have been to spas and gone in jacuzzis and steam rooms, and never once in ten years has my bag fallen off or leaked in the water.

Have a watch of the video and hear me talking about my own experiences and also the Aura Plus ileostomy bag. You can also see some cool drone footage of me wild swimming and loving it!

This was a paid video, but all opinions and reviews are my honest opinions. I only work with companies that I use personally and that I believe are trusted sources of support.


Sam xx