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Reaching 8000 followers on Facebook!

I’m so thrilled to hit the 8k mark on Facebook!! For me, I love the communication and the feedback I get from my readers and so I love it when you follow me on social media and get in touch!

I try my best to reply to every person (apart from those weird ones who show me their willies or say mean things!) who gets in touch.  I get hundreds of messages and so if you are reading this and wondering why I didn’t get back to you, there is a chance that I missed it so please do try again.

sam cleasby ileostomy colostomy bag blogger body positive so bad ass

If you don’t follow me on Facebook, do head over and click like.  I am on there most days, so stop by and say hi!

You can also follow me on twitter, instagram and youtube.  I have a snapchat, but to be honest I never use it apart from to take pictures of me looking like a puppy and saving them to my camera roll!!

Thank you all for the wonderful support


Sam xxx