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Day 2 in the no colon house…

Brought to you by the letters T.I.M & M

So Day 2 after surgery and Mrs C is well on the road to recovery.

The surgery all went as planned and after a short stint in the HDU Sam was back on the ward.

Today she’s in good spirits but is having a few bag issues… because the stoma is quite close to the operation wound and is quite small too the seal on the bags are not quite working as they should and some leakage is occurring… This causes a bit of discomfort on her skin as it’s got stomach acid in and it could infect the wound so the nurses (who are being fantastic and looking after Sam so well) are having to change and clean a lot. They know what to do to stop in happening but the staples… yes staples, need to be removed first.

Sam’s coping well but it’s a lot to take on board and get used to and there are ups and downs. We’ve had a few teary phone calls and visits but she’s doing great. She’s a fighter is the wife and nothing will get in the way of a full and speedy recovery.

I have to say it’s a bit weird… I’m amazed by it, how they can make a hold in someone and leave something that should be inside… outside, we’ve (I) had loads of daft and important questions like will she still trump? and what happens to the bumole? will the trumps smell?  (Mainly me asking stupid questions). There’s a lot for us to learn and get used to and we will together.

It’s important for me to know as much as I can about it all so I can support Mrs C with all of this. I know she worries I’ll be put off by all of it or be grossed out but it’s quite the opposite, I feel like we are getting closer and all I want is to get her well and home with us again. I guess going through something like this will either bring you closer or tear you apart and I’m glad it’s the former.

The kids are doing ok… they miss mum… we have a few tears every now and again that require big hugs and cuddles and we have odd realisations too, the other day we realised that Sam will not have a poo (In the conventional sense) again now for around a year… how weird (The kids are happy about this as they said they won’t have to queue for the bog, I think they are forgetting that Dad is just as bad as mum ever was and smells much worse)

We’ve also had so much support from friends and family I can’t tell you how grateful we are for all of you… all the kind words, the offers of help, the baby sitting, the hugs… everything from every single one of you is massively appreciated.

Right I’m done… I’m sure Mrs C will be back on it once she can get near a decent internet signal.

Much love

Timm (Mr C)