Where's the loo?!

There is nothing worse than being out in public and all of a sudden you feel that sudden tug deep in your guts.  For most people it is a fleeting thought of ‘oh I need the toilet’ for IBD sufferer, the fear strikes…

Oh fuck, where’s the loo?!!

Your eyes dart around looking for the heavenly stick man sign, you start the knees together dash towards the nearest shop, they tell you their facilities are for staff only.  You want to punch them in the face but know that would only waste time.  The long term IBDers will probably have a packet of wipes and a spare pair of pants in their bag or car but that’s for emergency use only, you are hoping it won’t come to that.

public toilet sign

Here are a few things that could help in this shitty situation…

Join the NACC it is £12 a year and you get a ‘Cant Wait’ card.  The card carries the message “Please help – our member has a medical condition which is not infectious and means they need to use toilet facilities urgently. Your kindness and cooperation would be much appreciated“.

It avoids the need for an awkward conversation but remember it doesn’t give you the right to use their toilet, it just may help people be more understanding.  I’d rather have a card that says “Please let me use your toilet or I will shit on your floor and neither of us want that”.

NACC can't wait card

The Radar National Key Scheme is £13.99 and gets you a guide to over 9000 loos in the UK as well as a disabled toilet key.  It offers you access to locked public toilets giving you freedom and confidence to go out in public.

disabled toilet key uk

Radar have also produced a Toilet Finder app that is available on iTunes.

mzl.pqaqccwv.320x480-75                                          toilet finder app



Love Sam xx

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