Visiting someone in hospital

As I start to mentally prepare for surgery next month I began to think about how lovely it was last time when I had visitors and I thought about some things that would help me this time.

When you are sick in hospital, visiting times really break up the day. Last time I was in two weeks, this time will be a similar time scale. Having a visitor really does brighten your mood and make things feel a little better. On the times I didn’t have visitors, I tended to go to sleep as it just felt awkward when others on the ward had family or friends there.

I know it can be a bit of a dilemma whether to visit or not, I’ve had family and friends say they wanted to visit but didn’t want to intrude, thought I’d be too ill or didn’t want to take up my time when I could be seeing my kids.

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Personally I love having visitors, I really appreciate anyone taking time out of there day to see me. I would only ask for you to speak to Timm my husband first, simply because visitor numbers are restricted and I’d hate for you to come and then not get in as I’m with the kids. I ask Timm not to bring our kids every day as it’s just a bit much for all of us, they find it upsetting, then they get bored and I feel upset and stressed. But the times they do come I love and so plan with Timm when you want to come as my brats are always going to outrank you so I don’t want you to waste a journey.

Talking of kids, don’t bring your own! No offence! Hospitals don’t like visiting kids and I’m ill so don’t really need your children climbing on the bed and being noisy! Sorry x

Check visiting times as they vary from hospital to hospital and ward to ward.

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Flowers… I LOVE getting flowers, from a posh bouquet to a hand picked posy, it just makes me smile. But some wards don’t allow them, mine didn’t last time and it just made me feel guilty that people had spent money on things I couldn’t have.

Any other gifts. I don’t need a gift from a visitor, as the saying goes, your presence is needed more than your presents. But if you really fancy bringing something I will gratefully accept! Last time I got things like lip balm, hand cream, magazines and peppermint tea. All fantastic! If you really want to bring a gift and don’t know what, ask me or Timm. Sometimes I’ll need a particular thing and he won’t be visiting that day (squash, a flannel etc) but seriously if you want to come, do not feel that you have to bring a gift!

Please don’t visit if you have a stomach bug or bad cold. The signs aren’t to be fussy. The patients can’t deal with your illness on top of their own!

Always use the antibacterial hand cleaner for the same reasons as before!

Don’t feel awkward and ask questions if you want to know about my illness or surgery. If I want to talk about it, I’ll tell you. If I don’t, I won’t. But I promise I won’t be offended if you ask.

If hospitals just aren’t your thing, or work/life make it difficult to visit and you want to get in touch. Please call me, text me, email me, send me photos of funny goats. One of the worst thing in hospital is boredom and any outside contact means so much.


Sam xx

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