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Why we should all be more drag queen

As you may know I am slightly obsessed with Ru Paul’s Drag Race, it’s like a drag version of America’s Next Top Model, totes trashy but amazingly addictive.  As I sit watching a screen full of men dressed as women it got me thinking about the qualities in women that these queens imitate.

I think drag queens are absolute artists, from the make up and hair, to the outfits, performance and dance, you can see the hours of dedication put into their creativity and I LOVE it.  Its like watching a theatre piece.  Many imitate celebrities, but a lot talk about mimicking the strong women around them, mothers, sisters, friends, aunties.  They imitate them in an exaggerated way, magnifying the qualities that they love.

ru paul be more drag queen

Watching these beautiful queens act in such an open, daring, funny, extravagant way, you easily forget that they are men dressed in womens clothes and just enjoy watching hilarious, wicked and wild performers.

So I have been thinking about why women should be a little more drag queen, Im a big believer in faking it till you make it, as in acting like the personality you wish you had until you eventually stop faking it and start feeling it.  What if we all performed as the type of woman we adore?  Despite my outward appearance, I am sometimes quite shy and I get really anxious when I have to speak to new people but it is something I dislike about myself and so I fake being a chatty and confident person.  I have faked it for so long that sometimes the new behaviour of being gregarious just comes out as a habit and without trying to fake it, I AM that confident person.

Watching drag queens is so interesting as they perform as how they ‘see’ women rather than how most women actually are and man, that looks likes fun!  Perhaps next time we feel shite about ourselves we need to put on a floor length glittery gown, massive lashes and act like a giddy diva?  Well, maybe not.  But maybe we could all do with seeking out a little inner drag queen to boost our confidence from time to time, acting like a woman in our lives who inspires us.

Ru Paul has this saying…

ru paul

How true is that? I KNOW it sounds cliche but without self confidence and love for ourself, it is a real struggle to love someone else and to be loved.  We need to spend more time working on ourselves, on loving ourselves, respecting ourselves and making time for number one.  We need to make our own happiness a priority rather than putting ourselves last in the queue.

You know that saying “If momma aint happy, nobody happy”? That is because as women and mothers we tend to be the key pin in families (dads are of course as important, please don’t think Im dissing the baby daddies).  If we are unhappy it affects everyone in the family.

So this week, make time for you, do something that makes you happy and if you are really struggling perhaps try being just a little more drag queen.

Sam xxx

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