It's my 8 month stomaversary!!

Eight months ago today I had surgery to remove the whole of my large intestine.

It’s been a busy and at times stressful 8 months but throughout it all I remind myself that life with an ileostomy bag is SO MUCH EASIER than life with Ulcerative Colitis!



There have been good times and bad in the past few months, I have traveled to Vietnam and Australia and I have faced difficulties with developing a hernia and making the decision to go ahead with pouch surgery.

They tell you it can help to deal with the process of having a stoma to name it, my sister came up with the name Barack Ostoma which I think is brilliant, because my stoma, like me, is no regular boring one, it is an all singing, all dancing bad ass!!

In 11 days I will have my pouch surgery and wave goodbye to Barack, and though this feels like the right decision for me I will be ever grateful to these 8 months of living with an ileostomy bag, not only has it allowed me to come off all the many meds I was taking, but it has rid me of all the awful symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis that I had suffered with for ten years.  20140502-171128.jpg


It did something else though, it made me reassess the things that were important to me, the way I see myself and the way I want to live my life.  It made me a more confident person and it gave me the opportunity to share my story with all you dear readers, to make a difference to people with IBD, to raise awareness in the general public and to push myself into making decisions to speak in public and put myself out there as a mouthpiece for those suffering and living with chronic diseases.

It has made me a better person.

So on my 8 month stomaversary, I raise a glass to everyone living with a stoma, dealing with IBD or anyone living with chronic illness.  You all kick arse, you are braver than you think, stronger than you can imagine and are so bad ass.


Sam xxxxxx

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  1. Sally Elliott
    Sally Elliott says:

    This September I would have had a colostomy bag for eight years due to rectal cancer and I will never ever get over it, I was 42 at the time and although I fought the cancer with all my strength and positivity I could muster once home with the stomach I fell into a huge hole of depression. Only my family and one friend is aware of the stoma I have tons of friends and acquainteces but would never tell them or if asked I have told them it was reversed. I do not attend any stoma days or groups apart from one with my husband and after fifteen minutes told him to take me home. I still grieve for my old life my perfect flat stomach and would literally do anything to go back to normal. I do not read any sites concerning stomas but today for the first time due to incredible pain and wind around the stoma every time I drink prosecco thought I would see if there was a reason or a site re stomas and wind.
    Then I stumbled across your site and have sat here crying, laughing, agreeing, for the first time in eight years. At first I was mortified that you put pictures of your stoma for all to see why would you do that I thought and let everyone see the hideous thing but after reading your blog I take my hat off to you. I too have the most loving supportive family and husband and I hold down a stressful job and have travelled the world since the colostomy but although they think they understand and how many times have they told me how lucky I am they don’t really understand. This morning it has felt like a new best friend everything I felt and still feel not feeling alone I still can walk through m&s underwear and cry at all the little pretty knickers that I no longer wear I still feel so much anger at ignorant people especially celebrities like Amanda Holden who in one of her articles ridiculed colostomy bags and I so wanted to respond but didn’t have the courage. Thank you for your blog it has made me realise I shouldn’t be ashamed I’m still the same person maybe I should have joined a site at the start I didn’t realise there were so many special people in our group.
    Thank you again and I wish you love and the best of health for the future xxxx

    • sam
      sam says:

      Hi Sally

      Sorry it has taken so long to reply to you, your message has brought me to tears and I feel so humbled to know that my site has helped you a little bit. You have been through such a tough time and I think you are amazing. Thank you for reading my blog and for getting it.

      Stay strong

      Sam xx


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