pancreatic cancer petition

Pancreatic Cancer Petition

I don’t usually share petitions on the blog but I got a message from Ellie this week with a plea for me to share this one and I just couldn’t say no.

“Hi Sam,

I’ve been following your blog since I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis last December and if it hadn’t been for your straight talking and awareness campaigns I think I’d have found it harder to accept.

Unfortunately since then I’ve been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and started chemotherapy 2 weeks ago. As I’m sure you are more than aware that there is a link that someone who has an IBD has the increased chances of getting pancreatic cancer. Sucks doesn’t it!

I found out today that the only life extending drug for people with advanced pancreatic cancer has been scrapped from the CDF list which means it will not be available for free on the NHS. There is a petition.

Please, please could you share this with your followers, not just for my sake but for everyone who is at risk of or has this awful disease. Thank you so much. And thank you for everything you do to raise awareness of these invisible disabilities.

Yours sincerely, Ellie x”


pancreatic cancer petition


Thank you so much Ellie for bringing this to my attention, the petition says this…

“On 4th September 2015, NHS England made the shocking decision to remove life-extending drug Abraxane®, one of the first new drugs for treatment of pancreatic cancer in 20 years, from the Cancer Drugs Fund. This reduces an already limited choice of treatment options for patients in England.

Abraxane could have a considerable impact on one year survival rates of pancreatic cancer in the UK, which are the worst in Europe. Trials have shown that in some cases, the drug can extend a patient’s life to over 2 years, allowing patients with advanced pancreatic cancer to resume a normal life, taking part in everyday activities, and more importantly having valuable extra time with their loved ones.

NHS England and the Department of Health need to review this decision immediately.”

Please go sign now.

Cancer affects so many people, but those of us with IBD have a higher risk of cancer and we need to stand together and fight for those of us who are already suffering.  You can follow the group championing this petition over on Facebook and get involved.

So please, sign.


Sam x



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  1. Donald Barbarie
    Donald Barbarie says:

    Cancer has touched so many of us I’m a survivor of two cancer and because of awareness and some luck I’m still here to talk about it.
    My father died of cancer I was 17 my mom had several cancer and now my only sister is fighting the battle of her life with colorectal cancer .
    I tried signing your petition but I’m a Canadian citizen and only people from the UK can sign .please people who live in the UK sign this the life you might save might just be your own
    Donald Barbarie


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