Pouchitis. Still. 

So I still have pouchitis. For those who aren’t sure what this means, pouchitis is inflammation in the pouch that was formed from my small intestine.

“Patients with pouchitis typically present with bloody diarrhea, urgency in passing stools, or discomfort while passing stools. The loss of blood and/or dehydration resulting from the frequent stools will frequently result in nausea. Extreme cramping and pain can occur with pouchitis.” (Source: Wikipedia)

This is my third bout since my pouch was formed 19 months ago. The first two were treated quickly with antibiotics, symptoms were relieved within a couple of days of starting the meds. This time is different, I’ve had one lot of meds that did nothing, I’ve then had a pouchoscopy (a camera into the pouch) and biopsies taken. These tests show I still have pouchitis. And so now I’m on my second lot of antibiotics.  I also take fluconazole whilst I’m on the antibiotics to ward off the dreaded thrush.

I’ve been on them a couple of days now and not feeling any better but I’m hoping that things will improve. I’m in pain and so exhausted!!! This teamed with my other problems are really getting me down. We have a ton of stress at the moment, house problems, family issues, car problems, work stress. Everything is getting a bit much.

But I remind myself of perspective and know that in the grand scheme of things, all is well.  I have my husband and kids and some bloody wonderful friends and family around me and I’m going to my fall back Sheffield stance of “It’ll be reyt!”

Sam X

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  1. Donald
    Donald says:

    Hi Sam I’m sorry to hear that your pouch is not doing to well specially that you did this procedure to get away from all those problem . On the other hand you heard the saying what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger . I sense in your writing that your a very strong women mentally Maybee you need to take a little time to take care of Sam . I have gone throw a lot myself in the past 2 years . I sujest you try a method that I find really effective . It’s way of meditating the morning when you first awake close your eyes and make them look up like trying to look at your brain even thought your eyes are close and force them to always look higher then count slowly backwards from 100 to 0 . You can do that 2 or 3 times a day . Now you have to be patient it took me a month and then it’s been like paradise . Then you can move into imagery now I just close my eyes look up an I’m there right away I don’t have to count backwards then I bring picture or even video in my head it’s all in Color . Whatever you do don’t get discourage you have support system people like me your kids husband now is the time to rely on us it’s your time to use those accumulated favours you have been doing for so long let yourself being pampered it will relax you and you will feel better . I myself the 30 years of living with UC has made me a much more sensitive and caring person im making new friends everywhere I go . I’m enjoying life like I never did before even though there still lots of shit to deal with .
    Good luck Sam an don’t be afraid to contact me or anybody you know to help you and let yourself be pampered

  2. Renee
    Renee says:

    Hang in there Sam! So disappointing after going through so much with hopes of leaving bowel woes in the past. Heartfelt empathy is all I have to offer as I’ve struggled with pouch prolapse and pouchitis issues of my own. I hope things improve soon.


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