#MyDailyIBD – a 365 photography project for IBD Awareness

As we approach a new year, I came up with a fun little project that I thought might help share our IBD stories and raise awareness while we go.  I love photography, it is so special what we can emote in one image and so I thought I would begin #MyDailyIBD.

The idea is that you take one photo a day that shares an element of your IBD life relating to a specific topic.  Each month, I will share a board with the topic of the day and you can take a photo and share on social media (instagram, twitter, Facebook, pinterest).

You can be as literal or as creative as you like!  Using the hashtag #MyDailyIBD and tagging me in means others can look at your images and you can see what other people are sharing too.

This is meant to be a fun project that anyone can get involved in and by this time next year, you will have a photo diary of your IBD life.

IBD is often seen as an ’embarrassing illness’, the poop factor makes people feel uncomfortable talking about it.  My aim with this blog has always been to raise awareness, to #StopPooBeingTaboo and to let the 5 million people worldwide with IBD that they aren’t alone.  This project encapsulates all of those ideas and I hope it will be a positive and helpful project.

Don’t worry if you miss a day, just pick up on the next day and carry on.


#mydailyibd sam cleasby sobadass



Each day take a look and share an image that relates to that date of the month, so on the 1st January, we will start with a New Year Selfie, share on whichever form of social media you like, use the hashtag #MyDailyIBD and #NewYearSelfie and then enjoy looking at what other people are sharing.

This might work really well, or be a huge flop! Either way, I will be doing this for a personal collection of photos of my year, so even if you choose not to take part, you can peruse my photos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

I hope you will get involved and share the idea far and wide and we can get people talking about IBD.


Love Sam xx

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    I did this the year that I had my jpouch made, 2015. When I look back on it now it reminds me of just how much I had to deal with, and that I made it through, albeit not how I had envisaged but I managed nonetheless! It’s a good way of raising awareness too, I loved it 🙂

  2. Vivienne Hayle
    Vivienne Hayle says:

    This is a great idea Sam. I’ve been involved in a photo a day project for years now, ever since my daughter Laura (aka Stomalicious) was at her worst and her hypnotherapist suggested it as a distraction. I enjoyed it so much, I’ve just kept going! I also.post an Enjoying photo every day just to keep me aware of all the beautiful little things that happen every day. Good luck with this. Fantastic idea ?

  3. Debbi Smith
    Debbi Smith says:

    This sounds like a really good idea; I’d love to try to participate but unsure of how well I’ll be able to remind myself to do it. Everything is still so hard to handle, it’s been almost 15 months and I’m still barely out of bed.
    I originally came here to tell you how much I admire your pluck having to deal with so much I’ll never understand. I don’t have IBD, never had any issues with my insides. It was a whack surgeon that took me, a patient with lung problems, and almost killed me, leaving me barely alive *they BET I wouldn’t survive outside the hospital* and without a colon.
    Yours was the very first blog I came across when I became well enough to even search the internet for info on ileostomies. I really appreciated your very honest, candid portrayal of the ups and downs of your life. I got fed up with all the “life affirming” bullshit on facebook groups. Fed up with “you should be ‘HAPPY TO BE ALIVE’ advice, I wanted real advice!
    Thanks for what you do, I’ll try to see if I can do a day or two lol .. Peace, Debbi


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