Parastomal hernia

Hernia update

So after seeing Mr Brown last week and being sent for a CT scan, a hernia has been confirmed.

Obviously after two hernia ops already this year, I’m devastated.

Its behind my new stoma and is sore and swollen, it’s awful news yet again and to be honest I don’t know how to feel about it all.

It just feels very unfair and I’m really cross with life at the minute. But I will pick myself up and plod on!

Im here, I have an amazing husband, I’m blessed with wonderful kids and friends and it could be worse!

Parastomal hernia

What to do next? Well the good news is that it’s not bowel poking through the hernia right now, it’s fat and tissue so though uncomfortable and unsightly, it’s not an emergency.

So I’ll continue seeing my physio, I’m going to try and lose some weight and I’ve stopped smoking so we’ll see how I go!

Sam x

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  1. Angela Turner
    Angela Turner says:

    Gosh Sam, I’m devastated for you and I really hope you get things under control with physio. I’m paranoid about hernias with having two huge operations done the old fashioned way (split up the middle of my stomach) so I do a lot of core work including pilates, yoga, circuit training (planking etc) and HIIT and I always wear support boxers/shorts under my workout gear. It took a lot of building up and careful exercise to get my core where it is now but I feel as though I’ve really strengthened my abs. Not sure if you are able to do this kind of exercise – or if you’d want to! – but it’s definitely helped me. Sending love, peace and healing your way, take care of you x x

  2. Rinse
    Rinse says:

    I know you love Dr. Brown but maybe a second opinion on the surgery if it keeps herniating?? I don’t know…..only observing. Best of healing wishes to you xx

  3. Laura
    Laura says:

    Hello, Checking in to see how things are with you and they are indeed difficult. I’m very sorry for this huge disappointment.
    Like the other commenter, I am a big believer in second opinions for serious conditions even though dealing with “strange/new” medical providers is so stressful. And just the whole seemingly endless need for medical appointment is exhausting.
    In the US, the Mayo Clinic is very good for many conditions. I did a little Google research using the keywords “mayo clinic parastomal hernias” which led to abstracts for research papers, and also their curriculum overview for their Colon and Rectal Surgery Residency. Part of it includes a period of observation at St. Mark’s Hospital (Bowel) in London. So that was interesting. I imagine surgeons from all over the world go to Mayo or King’s for training–perhaps short term like mine did at Mayo.
    They might be able to put you in touch with someone. However looking at abstracts in PUBMED, what you are experiencing is very common–which stinks for you, your family and your surgeon. I had no idea.
    Also in the US, Cleveland Clinic (CC) has an intestinal transplant program which sounds very advanced to me. Anyone from the UK doing a recent fellowship with CC would also probably be very skilled.
    NHS lists four small bowel transplant centers–King’s, Addenbrooke, John Radcliffe and Birmingham Children’s. At least these are closer to you and may do telehealth consults.
    If one desires a second opinion, these advanced type of medical centers would be a good place to look for them. I have no idea how NHS works but you are very fortunate compared to the cost and complexities of medical care and health insurance in the US, not to mention access to care as a right. I wish we had a similar system so that people could get preventative care more easily.
    In the case of Medicare for seniors in the US, Mayo Clinic will only accept it if you live in MN. I think CC will accept non-residents of Ohio who have Medicare. But policies may have changed since I last checked. If any of your readers have experience with second opinions, I hope they’ll share their experiences here, good or bad.
    Best regards to all.


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