If you stand for nothing, what’ll you fall for?

There’s a line in the amazing Hamilton that says “if you stand for nothing, what’ll you fall for?” and it always sticks with me when I face the nasty internet comments for the work I do to raise awareness of life with an ostomy bag and chronic illness.

Because though I feel that I am only trying to put good into the world, I still get nasty comments and messages about my looks, my body, my morals and my blog.

I stand up and I make my voice heard, I hope to inspire anyone living with chronic illness to know they are worthy, they are valid and they matter. I share my story about my own illness, my own trials and tribulations so that others know they aren’t alone.

If you stand for nothing what’ll you fall for?

And sometimes that causes others to become so angry that they take the time to type out comments such as:

”This is disgusting, put it away”

”You think you’re a model but you’re gross” (I corrected the spelling on this one!

”You’re an attention seeker”

”Is nothing private any more, why would you tell people about this?”

I also get the odd ones that just call me a fat slag, but hey, we can talk about those another time!

So what do I stand for? I stand for every person who isn’t able to speak up for themselves, who are struggling to get through each day. For those living with incurable, debilitating and life long illnesses that affect them every single day.

I stand for myself, I speak my mind and share my journey through the toughest years of my life in the hope that some good will come out of it. That my story can help others.

I stand for love and kindness and hope.

I stand for the hope of a world of equality and understanding, where every person, whatever their impairment had the ability to live the life they choose.

And if I have to fall for these things, then I’ll do so with a full heart knowing I did my best.

✌?& ❤️

Sam xx

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  1. Wendy Tully
    Wendy Tully says:

    It’s amazing the work you do, you are amazing and how you continue to keep moving forward. Don’t ever let ”the nasties” I’ll call them; get to you and make you stop. You are creative, you are fucking god damn amazing woman for all the effort, awareness, hard blood, sweat and tears that you give to raising awareness and improving people’s lives. Don’t ever give up (only if it is in your best interest). It’s a whole other way of thinking when ”nasties” spread their troll comments. But whatever the saying and whatever it is that lifts you up KEEP GOING WOMAN! You are important to your family, to us the general public. You do a lot and you mean alot and never forget the fact we love you xxx

  2. Judith Hunt
    Judith Hunt says:

    You are awesome Sam, and as for those keyboard trolls, well what can I say… what you put out into the world is sometimes a sad reflection of who you truly are, plus karma will always do its job sooner or later.
    Be brave, stay true to yourself and shine bright like a diamond… because “you are worth it”.
    Your commitment speaks volumes about who you have become on this journey with your illness, and while I know you never asked or wanted it, sometimes life just works out that way and sometimes there is a higher calling that none of us are aware of.
    Be strong, be beautiful and show the world what you are made of Sam, because I already see and know how amazing you are and love you for it.
    With huge hugs for a safe and wonderful festive season from a land downunder, Judith xx

  3. Ami Tricker
    Ami Tricker says:

    I have said it before and I will say it again…YOU are my role model! If the rest of the world had the same attitude, as yourself, towards equality and positivity then the world would be a better place. Always stay true to your values ❤

  4. Robin Mortiboys
    Robin Mortiboys says:

    Hi Sam, don’t let anyone put you down. I only joined your blog a short time ago and already I found that many people have the same problems I do, so I know I am not alone.

    I think we should use the vertical scar through our belly button as a badge of honour, it bonds us together as a group. At this time of year let us shout out that we love sprouts and hate peas.

    Keep up the good work and forget the trolls. One day some will stop laughing and know what we go through. It hit me at 57 so there is lots of time for them to find out.

  5. Andrea Harman
    Andrea Harman says:

    Thank you Sam, as a blogger for jpouchers I feel your grief, I get so frustrated when’s upset when people moan when I share because they assume I am selling something, or want something, or they don’t want to hear the truth because it’s graphic and intimate. I still get shocked when they send rude vulgar messages personally insulting me or exposing themselves… I wish people today could just believe some help because they can. and because just maybe, they want to pass on some good and do something selfless. Your blog is an inspiration and you are beautiful just as you are! Keep fighting and thank you 🙂

  6. Val
    Val says:

    Thankyou for standing for those of us who are too poorly. But I am o your corner every step of the way. And should you ever fall, then we will be right with you to help you get back up. Xxx


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