When everything sucks, build a den

I am struggling right now with pain and everything feels kind of in limbo as it feels like  there’s so little I can do other than wait for my surgery date. It’s getting me down and then that brilliant husband of mine just made it all a little better. I had the day off work as I’d swapped days with a colleague and so he decided to take the day off. And readers, he built me a den.

Gathering sheets and string and safety pins, candles and snacks and the telly, he built me a bed den for us to hide in all day and it was heaven!

Build a den in bed

Building a den

It was just what I needed, to turn my bed which had begun to feel like a bit of a negative place of illness and pain into the most perfect hideaway for the two of us. (Well two plus two dogs and all the kids who came to hang out throughout the day!)

It was a lovely thing to do but more than anything else, just having him to myself for the day was the best. We are both so busy, he is self employed (running a photography business, an arts company and a festival!) and is constantly on the go, always working and rarely has a day off. I work three days a week for Scope and also have a radio show once a week. We have three teenagers, two dogs, a cat and 4 chickens and fitting in a chronic illness that often throws all that schedule out the window makes life a bit manic at times.

And so to have a full day of being together with no work has been pure joy. Just hanging out, talking, laughing, watching TV, reading, kissing, having that rare time when it’s been me and him.

Sometimes we wish for big things, a bigger house, more money, flash holidays or fancy cars. Sometimes we get caught up in life, working, chores, paying the bills, scrambling around just trying to make everything that needs to happen, happen.

But sometimes all we need are the simplest things that bring us joy.

And that Cleasby brought me joy ❤️

You can watch the video here.

✌?& ❤️

Sam xx

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  1. Jenn
    Jenn says:

    What a treasure! Despite all that you have been through and will have to tackle in the future, you are a very fortunate woman with your life partner xxx

  2. Kerami Roberts
    Kerami Roberts says:

    Ahhhhhh so lovely xxx

    I also like to change the identity of my bed…

    Some days it is my sick bed.. I have a box that has tissues, medication, easy stuff to watch, a soft gentle shawl snacks and tea bags to use in my bed kitchen. (microwave and kettle in my bedroom – best thing ever)

    Some days it’s my ‘be kind to me’ den… Like yesterday… Watch a film, do my nails, lotions and potions… Softness and less pain.

    Some days its my office. I have the laptop, piano keyboard (I’m a music teacher), phone… Sorting out insurance writing out music, I do a few bits of writing for a local theatre producer, calls to school…. Life sorting.

    I used to feel awful about being in bed so much. Its the best place pm planet earth for my body’s comfort. Less pain = happier me… But busy me also = happy me.

    Someone said to me “the bedroom is just another place… Doesn’t mean you are lazy”

    I try not to be in bed when my daughter gets home from school especially now that secondary school ends later… But… Whe she gets home and Im upstairs she asks “where I am” and my answer tells her a lot about my day.

    Great Post Sam and glad some comfort has come to you. Our partners really can make a massive difference ☺

  3. Judith Hunt
    Judith Hunt says:

    Oh Sam, that man of yours is magnificent…..
    Hoping partners around the world take note…..
    for we all should get to feel the joy that a Tent city for a day can bring.

    You are a champion Sam, not much longer to hang in there.
    Sending huge hugs from a land downunder.


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