Has anyone seen my motivation

Has anyone seen my motivation?

So we are a year into the Covid pandemic, who would have thought it was still going to be so tough a year later?! Twelve months of fear, lockdowns, isolation and worry have done us all in. I miss my friends, I miss family, I miss being able to go out and have a coffee or a pint! I also miss my motivation.

I have always been a very motivated person. I annoy my husband with a never ending list of things I want to do in the house or garden. There is always a ton of future plans floating around my head. The next project, the next fun day out, the next new meal to try or hobby to attempt.

I love working and learning and hate feeling bored, so I fill my days with wonderful stuff that makes me happy. Even when I am very ill and bed bound, I will start to crochet a new blanket or learn a new craft that I can do from my sick bed.

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But a year of Covid has sucked every bit of motivation out of me. I am depressed, lethargic and just can’t seem to get my shit together! I am doing bits of work for our photography business and I am studying at university for a Fine Art degree. I am managing to do the things that HAVE to get done, but I have zero motivation to do little else.

I know I am not alone in this. It has been a tough old year hasn’t it? I just wondered if anyone had advice on keeping spirits up and searching out a bit of motivation? I am currently forcing myself to go outside every day, either for a little walk in the local park or just to sit in the garden if I am in too much pain to walk. I keep promising to start yoga with the brilliant Chi Living but haven’t got my arse in gear yet.

I am reading, though I can barely be bothered to do that and I have signed up for a couple of online classes in painting and creative writing. But everything feels like such an effort at the minute!

I know my kids and partner are feeling the same and so are friends that I speak to. So I think it is OK that we all are feeling the pressure of a year of uncertainty and fear.

If you have any hints or tips on feeling a tiny bit better or how to motivate yourself, then please do let us know in the comments below.

Peace and love

Sam xx

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  1. Valerie Pollard
    Valerie Pollard says:

    You look absolutely lovely in that pic. Love the trousers. If you find any motivation I would like you to share. Take care. X

  2. Bruce A DeHaven
    Bruce A DeHaven says:

    I have found that, that the thing that motivates me the most is naps….3 or 4 hour naps. Little else seems to motivate me anymore. No parks. No shopping. No eating out. No trips. Same thing on every channel, it seems. The only redeeming thing on tv is all the various Star Trek series and home improvement shows….Oh, and I cannot forget Murdock Mysteries!

  3. Cat
    Cat says:

    Hi Sam, thank you so much for writing your blog. It has helped me so much during a hard time. I went to the ER back in April 2020 bc my stomach was killing me and severely bloated. After a CT scan they admitted me to the hospital. Surgery was scheduled for the next morning. After 6 days intubated in the ICU they finally finished. I was a mess the following week as I learned to deal with a new colostomy and a huge incision that went from my lower ribs to my pelvic bone. I had a wound vac and a terrible compression ulcer to make it even worse. And as if it could get worse, this all happened at the beginning of the pandemic so I wasn’t allowed any visitors. Not even my hubby!
    I had to go thru it all alone. I want to mention that I’ve always been a strong determined, independent woman. I rarely get sick, never broken a bone or had stitches (until recently). I’ve always played sports, enjoyed hiking and snorkeling, taking long walks along the beach, and just loving the great outdoors. Since the surgery my whole life and perspective has changed. Once I thrived, now I struggle to survive. When I was finally extubated and moved to a room the hopelessness set it. I would look at the gaping wound that was my stomach and the bag of poop hanging from my side and I would just cry. I would cry for hours. So much so that the nurses, CNA’s and even food servers and cleaning staff would check in on me regularly, chat with me and even give me hugs to make me feel better. I’d never felt so sick nor had I ever hurt so bad in my 47 years of life. I could not sit up on my own much less walk or do other normal things. It was a very humbling experience. I was in the hospital for 6 days after surgery during that time I needed a lot of help, physically and mentally. The doctors and nurses had my physical body healing but for mental help I had to reach out to friends. I would send a text to 5 or 6 friends (not a group, everyone hates those), so just copy n paste to each person. Within a few minutes I have several loving thoughts and words of encouragement sent my way. I also read a book called “You can heal your life” by Louise Hay. Her books are inspirational, encouraging, and full of words of wisdom and beautiful art work
    Like for many of you, this last year has been hell! My journey is just beginning with new chemo treatments and crappy side effects to deal with but I stay as optimistic as possible and just take it one day at a time.
    Love, blessings and good vibes to you!


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