Do you believe in fate? 

I thought I'd tell you a story that happened to me quite a few…
19th March 2017/by Timm

When I hated my body

Before I had kids I was a size 8. After I was anywhere from a…
27th February 2017/by Timm

Should I be honest when you ask me if I’m ok?

For the longest time, when someone asks me how I'm doing, I said…
16th February 2017/by Timm

Breastfeeding a two year old – is it controversial?

Ahhhhh other people telling women what they should and shouldn't…
11th February 2017/by Timm
accessible toilets signs

Tesco changing signs for accessible toilets and Changing Places

I was thrilled to hear that Tesco are changing the signs on their…
9th February 2017/by sam

European Crohn and Colitis Organisation and Boehringer Ingelheim

I was very pleased to be asked to talk at the 12th congress of…
8th February 2017/by sam

Public cervix announcement

Right, people with a cervix, let's talk about vaginal health! Not…
19th January 2017/by sam

Stupid bloody fatigue 

Sorry, I know that isn't the most mature title but I'm pissed…
13th January 2017/by sam
hospital pouch ibd ulcerative colitis

Dear tea lady,

Dear Tea Lady, I am so sorry that I don't know your name, but…
4th January 2017/by sam
cleasby family sheffield

2016 – a year in review!

I started this year with two hopes, no surgeries and no house…
31st December 2016/by sam
drip drugs j pouch ibd surgery sheffield so bad ass sam cleasby

What to pack when going into hospital for ostomy surgery

Over on my Facebook page, Natalie got in touch saying she will…
30th December 2016/by sam

How to cope when your child isn’t heterosexual 

So recently, our daughter told us that she has a girlfriend and…
28th December 2016/by sam

#MyDailyIBD – a 365 photography project for IBD Awareness

As we approach a new year, I came up with a fun little project…
27th December 2016/by sam

Can we get this amazing song to Christmas number one?

Have you heard of the Everly Pregnant Brothers? They are a ridiculously…
19th December 2016/by sam

Working and chronic illness

For the past three years since I started on this whole surgery…
7th December 2016/by Timm

“Oh, I don’t know how you cope!” (sad face)

I get this from time to time, the sad face, head tilted to one…
17th November 2016/by Timm
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