glastonbury accessible toilets invisible disabilities

Glastonbury toilets

I was at Glastonbury this year and for once, it was HOT!! The…
10th August 2017/by sam
family photo shoot with teenagers in Sheffield urban kelham island

Are photo shoots naff when you have teenagers?

I LOVE photographs, I have thousands, both on my phone, on hard…
9th August 2017/by sam
scouts disability awareness badge

Talking to Scouts about poo

One of my favourite parts of everything to do with So Bad Ass…
8th August 2017/by sam
please offer me a seat badge transport for london invisible disability

Please offer me a seat…

Last summer I was contacted by Transport for London and a TV…
7th August 2017/by sam
sam cleasby family photos

It’s National Sister Day

Today is National Sister Day and so I thought I would do a little…
6th August 2017/by sam
dynamo crohns disease ostomy bag

That time I met Dynamo and made him sign my ostomy bag…

This year, Timm, the kids and I headed off for a week at Glastonbury…
20th July 2017/by sam
sam cleasby blogger mental health counsellor sheffield

So I have something to tell you…

I have been quite open on here about the ups and downs of this…
19th July 2017/by sam

Body Positivity with an Ostomy talk

My talk for the Steel Belles WI in Sheffield about body positivity,…
18th July 2017/by sam

Convex Ostomy Bags – for the wonky, uneven, hernia’d or unique ostomy

Do you have an inny or and outie? That’s a normal belly button…
17th July 2017/by sam
glastonbury perfect family parent blogger sam cleasby sheffield

My perfect family… Glastonbury 2017

"You have such a perfect family!" I got told this after sharing…
13th July 2017/by sam
sam cleasby loose women my body my story ostomy bag

Loose Women!

A few weeks ago, Loose Women (the ITV daytime show) ran a campaign…
13th July 2017/by sam
sobadass facebook ibd ostomy

Reaching 8000 followers on Facebook!

I'm so thrilled to hit the 8k mark on Facebook!! For me, I love…
12th July 2017/by sam

Iron Infusions

I have finally been signed off from my surgeon!!! Hooray!!! It…
12th July 2017/by sam
northern blogger awards sam cleasby sobadass

Ive been nominated for a Northern Blogger Award

Thank you to the kind folk at the Northern Blogger Awards for…
11th July 2017/by sam

India with an ostomy bag

In November last year, I did something ridiculous, like really,…
10th July 2017/by sam
but you don't look sick vlogging health IBD ostomy ileostomy getting ready with an ileostomy

The ‘but you don’t look sick’ chronically ill girl’s guide to getting ready

9th July 2017/by sam
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