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J pouch truths

I ‘met’ a man called Darrell on a Facebook group for people with a jpouch.  Social media is brilliant for this, for the ability to speak to people all over the world with the same issues as you.  Darrell has been a real inspiration to me, I LOVE his attitude.  He is so strong, honest and positive, he writes with such openness and passion and it is a pleasure to be his Facebook pal.

He wrote a bit of a tongue in cheek post today about life with a j pouch and it had me howling as it is all so true, and so with his permission I thought I would share it here for you all.


1. Every bathroom trip is an adventure.

2. Stomach gargles while in bed and you have no idea if that’s going to haunt you later.

3. Using wet wipes as an adult and feeling no shame.

4. Having no idea what effect the food you are putting in your mouth, at any given time, will have on your ass later.

5. The ability to make such an enormous amount of noise in the bathroom stall that you know the person next to you is wondering if a gorilla is shitting beside them.

6. Knowing beyond the shadow of a doubt you are the toughest person in any room you enter.

7. I love the fact that I enjoy every moment more than anyone I know because I have been to the abyss.

8.Understanding the digestive tract better than many medical students.

9. Being the only person in a 20 mile radius who has shat every color of the rainbow and not feared for their life.

10. When your friends or family complain of indigestion, heart burn, acid reflux, stomach viruses, constipation, diarrhea or said, “I’m not sure I should eat that, it could upset my stomach”, and all you can do is look at them and think, “Pussy”.



Sam x