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Enhance the UK and Scope – Undressing Disability

I am a big fan of the charity Scope and have been lucky enough to work with them this year on their End The Awkward Campaign.  As part of their A-Z of Sex and Disability, I was proud to be their ‘I’ for Intimacy, where I discussed the challenges faces by people who have an illness or disability that affects their body confidence and their intimate relationships.


You can read my interview here, I was also featured in the Daily Mail here, the Telegraph here and Huffington Post.




As part of the End The Awkward campaign, they championed a campaign called Undressing Disability by Enhance the UK.  This campaign was about showing some photographs of disabled people in their underwear and I was thrilled to be invited down to London to attend the launch of the exhibition at the Gherkin as well as some inspiring talks and general hanging out with awesome folk!

The event featured talks by Scope and Enhance the UK which were both informative and inspirational, and it was great to meet other advocates, campaigners, bloggers and speakers who are as passionate as I am about making a difference.

It was a great night that really inspired me to keep plodding on, keep blogging and keep making a difference, no matter how hard it becomes.


Sam x